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Hanifa Abdel wrote Christine Friar
hello Greetings
my name is Hanifa i will be... see more happy to get in contact with you
please contact me for more about me thanks;( )
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Christine Friar commented on a blog post

This was truly an enjoyable read. Thank you. It's nice to read about famous men who actually take the time to be vulnerable, kind, empathetic souls. I am so fatigued by the hyper masculinity our culture is fostering and experiencing right now. We need more of this.

I know it's "just" acting but I am grateful that his body of work is so versatile. I've watched him be funny, insane, mean, loving and heartbroken on screen. Mr. Gosling could easily have been typecasted and gone for all of the "heartthrob" roles and instead, he is the type of actor a lot of us will tell our Grandkids about, while we introduce them to The Notebook. Thank you for writing about him in such an in-depth way. It was a pleasure reading.

  The fact of the matter is that a baby-faced young person – a waistcoated and behatted 11-year-old Michael Jackson in 1969, say – singing a love song about feelings he has no experience with is adorable. It was delightful to hear him sing Smokey Robinson
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Manuel Basulto wrote Christine Friar
Welcome Christine!
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